XBB.1.5 variant: what you need to know now with Andrea Garcia, JD, MPH


American Medical Association (AMA)

AMA’s Vice President of Science, Medicine and Public Health Andrea Garcia, JD, MPH, explains what you need to know about the latest Omicron subvariant. Also covering bivalent booster efficacy, data from a new COVID study in Israel, and protecting kids from the flu as they return to school after the holidays. American Medical Association CXO Todd Unger hosts.

00:00 AMA Update for Jan. 11, 2023

00:33 XBB.1.5 variant

01:31 COVID cases in the U.S. increasing

02:10 COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths

02:59 What is the most transmissible COVID variant?

04:03 XBB 1.5 variant symptoms

04:58 Have COVID symptoms become less severe over time?

05:56 Bivalent booster effectiveness

06:45 Israeli COVID study finds Omicron boosters cuts hospitalization in people 65 and over

08:04 China COVID crisis

09:43 Seasonal influenza activity still high

10:22 Flu shots are still available