Vaccine Nonsense, Debunked (w/Dr. Paul Offit)



Boosters for the young and healthy? Is Pharma dictating public health policy? What’s up with VAERS? Did Robert Malone invent the mRNA technology? AND MORE.

Transcript, podcast, and links to more with the amazing Dr. Paul Offit:

Topics covered:

00:00 Intro

01:07 Boosters, the CDC, vaccine advisory committee & 3rd dose drama

05:25 Offit’s son, The Atlantic article​, booster coverage & mandates

08:34 4th dose, vaccine politicization, childhood vaccines & the anti-vax movement

16:40 mRNA spacing considerations, tribal loyalty

20:25 Pregnancy & COVID-19 vaccines

23:07 Vaccine safety reporting, VAERS pros & cons, PRISM, Vaccine Safety Datalink

26:58 Drug safety, Pharma dictating public health, vaccine effectiveness

30:40 Walenski and CDC, bureaucratic transparency & swine flu lessons learned

36:34 Yearly COVID-19 vax, Omicron parties, chicken pox tragedies & the role of natural immunity 41:53 COVID-19 testing, policy (who it helps, who it hurts)

44:00 What Robert Malone did (and didn’t do) with mRNA technology, what it takes to build a vaccine

51:10 Spike protein misinformation & real-life correlation with mass vaccination

56:25 Myocarditis in adults vs. kids, polio in children

1:03:00 The Army’s “super vaccine”, discussion of gain of function research

1:06:13 Final thoughts