‘Tripledemic’ of flu, RSV & COVID-19 cases continue to rise with Andrea Garcia, JD, MPH


American Medical Association (AMA)

CDC Influenza resources for physicians: https://www.cdc.gov/flu/resource-cent…

It’s National Influenza Vaccination Week and AMA Vice President of Science, Medicine and Public Health Andrea Garcia, JD, MPH, reminds you to #FightFlu by getting your flu shot.

Also covering the latest news on coronavirus from a post-Thanksgiving surge, what doctors need to know about monoclonal antibody treatments, and Pfizer BioNTech submitted an Emergency Use Authorization application to the FDA for its omicron-targeting coronavirus booster for children younger than 5. American Medical Association CXO Todd Unger hosts.

00:00 AMA Update for Dec. 7, 2022

00:43 What’s the latest COVID trends and Omicron subvariants?

01:53 COVID cases in the U.S.

02:34 COVID-19 hospitalizations 03:26 COVID daily deaths have decreased

04:16 Nearly 9 out of 10 COVID deaths are now people 65 or older

05:22 Bivalent boosters available for everyone 5 years old and up

05:53 Pfizer submitted EUA application to FDA for bivalent booster for children under 5 y.o.

07:03 FDA rescinded EUA emergency use authorization of Bebtelovimab

8:24 How bad is the flu this year?

09:30 This year all flu vaccinations are quadrivalent and shot efficacy rates are strong 10:52 RSV cases may be slowing down