The great excess deaths mystery



UnHerd’s Freddie Sayers is joined by Stuart McDonald to discuss the curious case of the UK’s excess deaths.


00:0001:32 – Introduction

01:326:06 – Actuary Stuart McDonald discusses the culture war around the UK’s excess deaths and ONS data on deaths

6:0609:18 – Why have more people been dying in the last 10 weeks than we’d normally expect?

09:1812:35 – What happened to the expected spike in cancer deaths, and why are heart-related conditions so prevalent in excess deaths?

12:3525:18 – Why does Stuart believe the COVID vaccines aren’t leading to excess deaths? 25:1828:41 – Is the increased pressure on the NHS causing excess deaths?

28:4132:32 – Are the excess deaths a result of lockdowns?

32:3234:07 – Why are fit, young, healthy sportspeople keeling over?

34:0735:46 – Is Stuart confident enough to rule out vaccines as a factor in excess deaths entirely?

35:4637:07 – Concluding thoughts

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