Strong #immunity for those who have recovered from #COVID!!


Transcript: Yeah, we recently published some findings. We are the Mount Sinai School of Medicine conducting a prospective registry of COVID-19 patients evaluating the long-term effects of COVID. And one of the issues we’re interested in is to understand how lasting is natural immunity after infection with the virus. So, we study a cohort of around 700 patients that we’re seeing at different times post COVID. And none of them were vaccinated and we found that the percentage of patients that have high titers, titers have been correlated with protective immunity in in-vitro studies was relatively high, ranging from around 80 to over 90% more than a year after infection. So, while we did not specifically evaluate the rates of reinfection in these patients, we found that most of them seem to be protected. We also found that patients that have more severe infection regarding hospitalization were more likely to have high titers over time. In terms of waning immunity, reports have been mixed. But in general show that several months to a year or a bit over a year post infection titers remained relatively high.

Now, you mentioned how to interpret this in the context of new variants and increasing rates, well, we do not know for sure. There is some data from experiments in-vitro not in-vivo in the lab, which show that the natural immunity against COVID infection with the alpha variant which was the early infection is still protective for the Delta variant that maybe less so that from the original virus. So, it’s possible that over time, some patients that were infected but not vaccinated maybe have an increasing risk of getting reinfected but with new variants. And that finding suggests that vaccination, even from patients that had the infection, is probably warranted.

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