Significant Omicron BA.2 Surge, Aspirin May Decrease COVID-19 Mortality, New Male Birth Control Pill



(1) Significant surge of Omicron BA.2 being seen in the United Kingdom and France – cases, hospitalizations, deaths. Re-visiting North American case counts (Canada, United States by state, and Mexico).

(2) New data out on aspirin use in COVID-19 and it’s potential to decrease mortality and the risk of blood clots.

(3) What is all of this talk about a new male birth control pill? Overview of the news stories and then the science behind this potential therapy.

The United Kingdom and France continue to see growing numbers of Omicron BA.2 sweeping across their countries. Some estimates are reporting as many as 1 in 20 people in the United Kingdom have COVID-19 right now. Hospitalizations and deaths in the United Kingdom are increasing, whereas in France these numbers seem to be stable or decreasing. We still aren’t seeing this secondary surge reflected in the United States as case counts in every state remain low. We are potentially starting to see a slight increase in cases in Canada though. Mexico cases remain stable and low.

New study out on aspirin use in COVID-19. One of several large studies on this topic with somewhat mixed results overall, although a trend towards aspirin decreasing mortality and preventing pulmonary embolism. We review some of this data and discuss aspirin in COVID-19.

Lastly we will dive into a medical news story that is sweeping across all the big media sites and that is a new male birth control pill. We dive into the science behind this discussing what it is, what has been shown so far, and how close they really are to offering this to the general public.