School Shooters, Long COVID, Medical Cannabis, & More | Pain Points with Z&Z



UCSF pain and health psychologist Dr. Rachel Zoffness returns to answer YOUR questions on detecting homicidal intent in children, Long COVID, does cannabis help with pain, emotional intelligence, choosing a therapist, and more.

00:00 Intro 01:49 Moderna booster blues

03:38 Disclaimers

05:09 Biomedical vs. biopsychosocial factors

08:55 School shooters: what makes a kid a killer?

13:06 Passive vs. active ideation

16:07 Role of parents & teachers

20:54 Characteristics for screening, red flags; Role of classmates

31:48 The bully vs. the bullied; Epidemic of anxiety/depression in teens

41:32 Teaching kids emotional intelligence (EQ)

44:27 Tea kettling; Teens & the prefrontal cortex development

55:18 Marijuana & pain management

1:00:52 Cannabis research; the power of placebo

1:15:36 Biopsychosocial components of pain, COVID and beyond

1:18:03 Long COVID; stigma & effects on health

1:27:54 Endurance pacing; setting goals

1:31:40 Choosing a therapist; benefits of therapy 1:39:07 Therapy for all

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