Omicron Subvariant BA.2.12.1 Mutations, Spread, Contagiousness, Symptoms, Severity, Immune Escape


Whiteboard Doctor

Agenda: (1) What is BA.2.12.1. (2) New mutations with BA.2.12.1 and what they may mean. (3) How contagious may it be and how widespread is it. (4) Symptoms, severity, and immune escape.

BA.2.12.1 is a new Omicron subvariant descended from BA.2 that is quickly becoming the dominant subvariant in the United States as cases continue to increase. It has a few additional mutations as compared to BA.2 that are thought to potentially make it more contagious and transmissible. We discuss what these are and dive into how widespread it is in the United States and world.

We then go over any unique symptoms that BA.2.12.1 may cause compared to BA.2, if it may cause more severe disease given some anecdotal reporting of it affecting the lower respiratory tract more, and if you can get reinfected with BA.2.12.1 after already recovering from Omicron BA.1 or BA.2.


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