Omicron – Different Symptoms


Omicron – Key Symptoms

There is some encouraging news, and some mysteries still associated with Omicron symptoms. Let’s review a doctor’s experience with COVID cases and what does it mean?

According to the Dr. Angelique Coetzee who is the Chair of the South Africa Medical Board and a practicing GP in Pretoria, the symptoms are extremely mild. Scratchy throat instead of cough. No anosmia and loss of taste, however, lot of fatique. A young child had high heart rate.

Dr. raised the alarm when four members of a family tested positive for COVID and all suffered with exertion.

Omicron is spreading rapidly among young people. Most patients from which the following symptoms are observed were men. Half of them vaccinated.

No or slight cough means: shedding will be limited to talking, laughing, etc. It will also mean that patients might not realize that they might be shedding. However, absence of cough itself is going to reduce shedding and spreading.

No anosmia and loss of the sense of taste is interesting. It means that the swelling of the olfactory epithelium is not occurring (at least in the patients she saw so far.) This also means that possible neurological effects and possible long-haul may be less frequent.

Patients complaint of sore muscles and tiredness according to Dr. Coetzee.

A six year old child had fever and very high pulse.

How is this variant behaving with older population and folks with comorbidities is not known yet.

Omicron’s (B.1.1.529) Symptoms are not like delta (B.1.617.2), instead these are similar to beta (B.1.351 – South African variant). No loss of sense of smell or taste. No cough or slight cough. Just scratchy throat. However, severe muscle aches and tiredness.

Young people with body aches and pains and fatique.

This is the account of the Dr. Angelique Coetzee. She says in an interview to Newsroom Afrika that she has consulted with other general practitioners. They all are observing very very mild symptoms.

No loss of smell or taste. No oxygen levels dropping at this stage.

Dr. Coetzee’s interview in Newzroom Afrika:

Please stay careful, and protect yourself especially as the holiday season is upon us. Finally, this is a single doctor’s account of her patients. We will have to wait for more data from more doctors and studies.