‘Nobody’s allowed to leave’: Inside Shanghai’s brutal COVID lockdown


Sky News Australia

Shanghai resident and Dutch journalist Jaap Grolleman says it is hard to tell when the city’s strict lockdown will end as the authorities are “very set” on achieving a COVID zero target.

The populous Chinese city of Shanghai has had its lockdown tightened just as restrictions were set to be eased in some regions.

Multiple districts in the city were issued notices ordering residents not to leave their homes or receive deliveries for at least a week.

Terrifying footage has also emerged showing suspected COVID-19 positive residents being forced from their homes to be taken to quarantine facilities.

The videos which circulated through Chinese social media have since been removed from some platforms.

Mr Grolleman told Sky News host Andrew Bolt the lockdown has curtailed people’s freedoms – with some more unlucky than others.

He said the current policy in China requires positive cases and close contacts to isolate in a government quarantine facility.

“The two top rules are like if you get infected you have to go to the quarantine camp and also nobody’s allowed to leave your compound or apartment,” he said.

“The rules are absolutely not flexible and sometimes there’s no place for any feelings in this.”