New variant Deltacron found In Cyprus | Cyprus News | NewsRme



Deltacron, a novel COVID-19 variant found in Cyprus, will be the subject of a press presentation next week.

Researchers from the University of Cyprus’ biotechnology and molecular virology department discovered the finding, led by Dr. Leontios Kostrikis.

The new Deltacron variety, as revealed to the local press by Dr. Kostrikis, is a cross between Omicron and the Delta variant in terms of its genetic makeup. Eleven COVID-19 patients and 14 non-patients in Cyprus were found to have the variation.

According to a story in the Cyprus Mail, this finding might be of worldwide importance since the precise variation has not been seen anywhere else. DNA sequences from 25 samples have been uploaded to GISAID, a database accessible to the entire scientific community, according to Dr. Kostrikis.