King Joe: Biden Looking to Override COVID Policy in Red States


Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci


Leah covered this development this morning. The Biden White House isn’t looking to enact a nationwide COVID vaccine mandate but will probably implement measures that pretty much make it impossible for anyone to do…anything without getting the shot. There is no mandate, but there is one seems to be the playbook here. The new action item is to mandate vaccination for interstate travel—all of this while COVID-infected illegals are shipped all over the country, but whatever, right? The Associated Press said that they’re not going to push it since it “would be too polarizing for the moment.” So, is this an emergency or not? A Biden White House official said that this is not being discussed at this time. That’s not a denial. They want to do this but can’t move on it due to the midterm elections.

And it’s not just vaccine mandates for interstate travel, Biden is reportedly looking into whether he can overrule Republican governors on their COVID policy (via Daily Caller):

President Joe Biden doesn’t “believe” he has the power to override Republican governors on COVID-19 policy in states like Florida and Texas, the president told reporters Tuesday.
Biden made the comment in response to shouted questions from reporters following a Tuesday speech at the White House. Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott have both instituted a ban on mask mandates in their states.
“Do you have presidential powers to intervene in states like Texas and Florida where they are banning mask mandates?” a reporter asked.
“I don’t believe that I do thus far. We’re checking that,” Biden responded. “But federal workforce I can.”

King Joe is looking to issue his edicts. Only an impending election season is stopping him. Again, undercutting this whole ‘emergency situation’ mindset. If stuff can wait due to political concerns, then you must wonder if the panic is being overblown. Who am I kidding? You’ve all known it’s been that way for months now.