Johns Hopkins To Cease Live COVID-19 Data Reporting on March 10


Johns Hopkins University & Medicine

As Coronavirus Resource Center ends after 3 years, other comprehensive pandemic resources at Hopkins remain available.

The Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center will cease its data collection and reporting efforts on March 10, 2023. Following consistent declines in public reporting of pandemic data from U.S. states and the expansion of the federal government’s data capacities, the CRC’s world-leading, comprehensive pandemic data will be archived to ensure it remains accessible to the global research and response community, while Johns Hopkins experts will continue to provide the public with analysis and guidance regarding the ongoing pandemic.

For more information, read The Hub article about the decision.

Ongoing resources at Johns Hopkins University & Medicine can be accessed through the links below:

NEWSHUB.JHU.EDU   The Hub, the news and information website for Johns Hopkins, publishes the latest news focused on COVID-19 research into vaccines, medical treatments, and public health measures

PUBLIC HEALTHPUBLICHEALTH.JHU.EDU   The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health maintains the COVID-19 Projects and Initiatives that provides the latest research and practice efforts by Bloomberg faculty

HEALTH SECURITYCENTERFORHEALTHSECURITY.ORG   The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security has been at the forefront of providing policymakers and the public with vital information on how to mitigate disease spread.

VACCINESVIEW-HUB.ORG   The Johns Hopkins International Vaccine Access Center offers an online, interactive map-based platform for easy navigation of hundreds of research reports into vaccine use and impact.

TREATMENTSHOPKINSMEDICINE.ORG/CORONAVIRUS   Johns Hopkins Medicine provides various online portals that provide information about COVID-19 patient care, vaccinations, testing and more.