Is new omicron more severe?


From Danish data, no, but more younger people are admitted to hospital.

Risk assessment of Omicron BA.2:…

The Omicron SARS-CoV-2 variant has quickly become dominant in many countries, significantly higher growth potential than the Delta variant.

Omicron variant is more transmissible than the Delta variant.

Secondary Attack Rate: BA.1 29% BA.2 39%, and it has shown reduced sensitivity to neutralizing antibodies.

Vaccine induced protection against infection is also clearly reduced for the Omicron compared to the Delta variant.

Transmissibility is lower in fully vaccinated individuals and even lower in booster vaccinated individuals, compared to unvaccinated.

Preliminary analyses: a 36%-80% risk reduction in hospitalization for the Omicron compared with the Delta, with most studies reporting a risk reduction between 45%-68%.