India’s Intranasal COVID Vaccine Superior to Intramuscular Vaccine


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India’s Intra-Nasal COVID Vaccine Superior to Intramuscular Vaccine.

Vastly superior with fewer side effects. Love this vaccine. Let’s review.

BBV154 (iNCOVACC®) vs. Covaxin.

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References Immunogenicity and Tolerability of BBV154 (iNCOVACC®), an Intranasal SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine, Compared with Intramuscular Covaxin® in Healthy Adults: A Randomised, Open-Label, Phase 3 Clinical Trial by Chandramani Singh, Savita Verma, Prabhakar Reddy, Michael S. Diamond, David T. Curiel, Chintan Patel, Manish Kumar Jain, Sagar Vivek Redkar, Amit Suresh Bhate, Vivek Gundappa, Rambabu Konatham, Leelabati Toppo, Aniket Chandrakant Joshi, Jitendra Singh Kushwah, Ajit Pratap Singh, Shilpa Gaidhane, Krishna Mohan Vadrevu, BBV154 Study Group :: SSRN…