Important Updates On Paxlovid During Omicron – Age, Vaccination Status, And Natural Immunity


Whiteboard Doctor

New data on Paxlovid. Things you should know!

Paxlovid, or Nirmatrelvir-Ritonavir, has become the treatment of choice for outpatient COVID-19 in higher risk individuals.

New data has come out though to help guide this, specifically during the Omicron surge in those young and old, vaccinated, and unvaccinated, and previously infected.… The original study done on Paxlovid was done in those unvaccinated during the Delta surge. It showed an almost 90% decrease risk in progressing to severe COVID-19 in this population. What about during Omicron and in those vaccinated or previously infected?… We have started to see some signs of “rebound” COVID-19 after treatment with Paxlovid. This is where the symptoms resolve and you often test negative, just to then redevelop symptoms and test positive again within a week of symptom resolution.

The CDC put out a warning on this last week that we covered here:….… New preprint study published that found a decreased risk of hospitalization in those greater than 65 years old, even if they were previously infected and/or vaccinated.