How to optimize your Immune System & fight viruses! (Including COVID) | Roger Seheult


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Dr Roger Seheult is a quadruple board certified intensive care doctor and wants to empower all of us to prevent ill health. And when it comes to understanding inflammation and immunity, I can’t think of a better person to explain the science.

Whether you’re worried about coronavirus, you want to avoid other winter bugs, or your goal is fending off chronic disease, he is full of actionable tips to help. We begin by discussing the link between inflammation and immunity. We speak in depth about the link between low vitamin D levels and coronavirus, how it might be used as both preventive and treatment, and exactly how much we should all be taking. Vitamin D is produced on exposure to sunlight, which leads us to talk about the importance of light – and dark – at the right times, for our circadian rhythms.

This of course impacts on sleep and what Roger has to say about its vital role in immunity might just persuade any night owls out there to turn in early tonight. From hot and cold therapies to nutritional supplements, food to forest bathing, stress-relief to spirituality, there’s so much useful stuff here. I hope you enjoy this conversation and can use it as a toolkit for feeling your best as we head into the colder months.