Exclusive — Rep. Ralph Norman: If Vaccine Mandates Are Based in Science, Why Are They Letting Unvaccinated Illegals into the Country?



Hannah Bleau

South Carolina Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) questioned the motives behind the Biden administration’s vaccine mandates, asking why the administration is allowing millions of unvaccinated illegal immigrants to pour across the southern border — a move that directly contradicts the supposed “science” behind their decisions.

Speaking exclusively to Breitbart News on Friday on his latest proposal, the Protecting Religious Students from Vaccine Mandates Act, Norman questioned the decisions of the Biden administration.

When asked if the vaccine mandates — from those in academia to the military to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) latest rule — were based in science, Norman pointed to the left’s border policy.

“You know, if they [coronavirus vaccine mandates] were based in real science, why are they letting 8 million illegals come across the border and not even requiring them to have vaccination or really even tests?” he asked. “And they’re putting them in our communities.”

“There’s such a disconnect with what this administration’s doing. I don’t think it’s legal. The Court of Appeals on the Fifth Circuit gave them statutory and constitutional issues with even doing this so it’s — enough’s enough,” Norman said.

“We’re putting it out there, and hopefully we’ll get a number of cosponsors on it,” he said of his proposal, which would protect students and employees from vaccine mandates in the realm of academia.

This is not the first time Norman has highlighted the Biden administration’s nonsensical border policies, blasting the “invasion” of migrants during an appearance on Breitbart News Daily last month.

“It’s not only dangerous, it’s a medical emergency. Here they are forcing the COVID vaccine on Americans when there’s no checkpoint to check what the [migrants] have coming in, whether it’s COVID, whether it’s pneumonia. There’s such a disconnect,” he said.

“This is an invasion of America,” he added. “The blood is on this administration’s hands.”