Dr Paul Offit and Protecting Kids from Covid: The Dr. Brian McDonough Show


Dr Paul Offit National Expert on infections and children A special “Doctor in The Pandemic: Episode 224”.

2:58 – How do you protect children under five from covid-19

4:34 -Are you surprised by resistance to the vaccine

5:09 – Billions have had the vaccine. Is it safe?

5:50 – The group least likely to be vaccinated are under 30

6:36 – What is best way to protect a child not vaccinated?

8:45 – Do you predict that children will get the covid vaccine a s a routine vaccine?

9:40 – How do you talk to anti-vaxxers?

10:50 – Do you trust the media? 12:25 – Misinformation Kills

13:46 – Most people want science to know everything now

16:30 – Both vaccines and naturally acquired immunity protect us