Did Protests Force China to Change its Zero-Covid Policy?


The Agenda with Steve Paikin

COVID-19 emerged in China three years ago and, ever since, that country has had the tightest restrictions anywhere. While most countries have largely reopened their economies and resumed daily activities, China has existed under a zero-COVID policy. But some citizens have had enough and after an extraordinary spate of protests, the Chinese Communist Party announced an easing of restrictions.

00:00:00 Intro

00:00:52 Protest footage

00:01:18 Jan Wong’s reaction to protest

00:01:48 Lynette Ong’s reaction to protest

00:02:44 The Party Congress

00:04:23 How common are protests in China?

00:07:53 The outsourcing of repression

00:10:37 Jan Wong on living in Maoist China

00:13:07 Relaxation of Covid restrictions in China

00:15:04 Shocked at the response to the CCP’s about face

00:17:32 Vaccination rates in China are low

00:20:17 What happens now?

00:21:37 What does this mean for Xi Jinping?