Covid Vaccine Kids – Should You Give Your Kids The Pfizer COVID Vaccine?


Doctor Mike Hansen

In this video, I’m going to break down the risks and benefits of giving your kids the new Pfizer COVID vaccine, which now has EUA for children age 5-11 and is 1/3rd the dose of the adult version.

Important questions answered in this video include:

👉 How Dangerous is COVID in Children Age 5-11?

👉 Is the covid vaccine safe for kids ages 5 to 11?

👉 What is the risk of myocarditis (heart inflammation)?

👉 Are the side effects from the vaccine different compared to adolescents?

👉 Is it safe to give children a new covid vaccine?

👉 But what about the long term effects of the covid vaccine?

👉 Do you need to space out the COVID vaccine from other immunizations?

👉 Was the study size big enough?

👉 If my child had COVID, should I still vaccinate them?

👉 Would I give this to my own kids?