COVID vaccination associated with increase in cardiac arrest 911 calls?


Is COVID vaccination associated with an increase in cardiac arrest 911 calls?

There have been anecdotal reports in the media with athletes having cardiac arrests at sporting events but is there a connection? I discuss, without opinion, a peer-reviewed study in one of our premier medical journals, the journal Nature.

It reviews the entire country of Israel’s experience with phone calls to emergency medical services. They looked at cardiac arrest phone calls as well as acute coronary syndrome (ACS) phone calls and the on scene paramedic assessment. They compared the frequency of these phone calls to COVID vaccination and COVID infection. In people over the age of 40 there was no association. But what about the younger age group 16-39? I review what the study found.

Please note again that this is peer-reviewed with the data being critically appraised and vetted before publication in the journal Nature. ASSOCIATIONS DO NOT IMPLY CAUSALITY.

Nature study:…

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