COVID cases are on the rise ahead of winter holidays with Andrea Garcia, JD, MPH


American Medical Association (AMA)

AMA Vice President of Science, Medicine and Public Health Andrea Garcia, JD, MPH, covers the latest on coronavirus spread and infection trends headed into the holidays. Also discussing RSV, the spike in flu cases and influenza antiviral treatments. American Medical Association CXO Todd Unger hosts.

00:00 AMA Update for Dec. 14, 2022

00:24 Why are older adults at higher risk for severe COVID, especially seniors 70 and older?

00:58 What is causing this trend?

01:46 COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths

02:35 Daily COVID cases in the U.S.

04:04 Why are vaccination rates so low in nursing homes?

05:46 Share details of FDA’s expanded authorization for bivalent boosters

06:55 RSV and flu cases in the U.S.

08:10 What’s the latest with Paxlovid for COVID treatment?

09:41 Reports show antiviral prescriptions for flu are higher now than they have been in the past 9 years

10:18 How does Tamiflu work?

11:19 Will mask mandates come back?