Catching Omicron More Than Once – Data On BA.2 Reinfection Risk!


Omicron has become widespread and as such it has started to gain a number of mutations thus creating various sub-variants of Omicron, or different versions of the Omicron variant. These have been labelled BA.1, BA.1.1, BA.2, and BA.3. BA.1 was the primary version of Omicron that has taken over the globe, but over the past few weeks BA.2 has started to become the dominant Omicron subvariant in many places, now representing almost 90% of new cases in Denmark. The United States, United Kingdom, India, Norway, Philippines, and more are all seeing big increases in BA.2 case numbers. BA.2 has been found in some studies to be more contagious and transmissible than BA.1, although not any more severe. A question has remained though, can Omicron BA.2 reinfect those that have recovered from Omicron BA.1?

A new study had come out in pre-print published out of Denmark that looked at this. They found that those recovered from Omicron BA.1 can in fact get reinfected with BA.2 within 60 days of their recovery. The risk of this is quite low though. It was more common in younger individuals and those who had not been vaccinated. It almost always had at most mild symptoms and no reinfected individuals were hospitalized or died.

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