Biden to Require Vaccination for Foreign Travelers… But There’s One Massive Exception


Source: Townhall Media/Julio Rosas.


Spencer Brown

The White House’s COVID-19 response coordinator announced Monday that foreign travelers would be required to be fully vaccinated against the Wuhan coronavirus in order to enter the United States, but Biden’s plan is massively hypocritical.Taking effect in November, the new travel restrictions include the vaccine mandate plus testing and contact tracing requirements apply to those arriving to the united by plane.

The new guidelines for international air travel aimed at stopping the Wuhan coronavirus and Delta or future variants from getting into the U.S. is directly contradicted by the Biden administration’s border and immigration policies.

In just the last week, more than 15,000 illegal immigrants swamped the U.S.-Mexico border in Del Rio, Texas, setting up a shantytown under the International Bridge. These individuals, as they crossed illegally hoping to take advantage of President Biden’s lax immigration policies to be able to stay in the United States, are not subject to the same requirements as those entering the country legally.

There is no requirement for those crossing the Rio Grande illegally to have a negative COVID test within three days of their illegal entry. There is no requirement or verification for illegal immigrants to be fully vaccinated against the Wuhan coronavirus. And there is certainly no system to contact trace any illegal immigrant who does have COVID when they arrive in the United States illegally. As most of those arriving in Del Rio in recent days have been living in packed and unsanitary conditions under a bridge using a limited number of portable toilets, it would be impossible to quarantine or isolate an individual and anyone with whom they were in close contact.

As Biden smears southern red-state governors for supposedly being cavalier in their response to the Wuhan coronavirus, his immigration policy has incentivized tens of thousands of illegal immigrants with unknown COVID status to stream into states like Texas. The Biden administration then shuttles those illegal immigrants by bus or plane to other cities, further endangering American communities.

For Biden to pretend he’s taking COVID seriously by enacting new air travel policies for those entering the United States legally while simultaneously ignoring the illegal immigration crisis ravaging the country’s southern border takes an impressive amount of cognitive dissonance.