About Post-COVID Syndrome


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Anyone who has had COVID-19 may develop continuing symptoms. It does seem to be more common in people who had a more severe course, especially for those who were hospitalizedIt may also occur in those who initially had none or minimal symptoms. From our experience, we tend to see post-COVID-19 symptoms more commonly in women, and why this is remains unclear at this time. Find out more information on long term effects of COVID-19 on MayoClinic.org. Our Self-Care section is a great starting point. 








Watch the video as Dr. Vanichkachorn talks on CNBC about Post-COVID Syndrome.

Summary of  Video

Research is varied

  • Study in Italy found 80% of patients were still experiencing symptoms 2 months after
  • Study in London found 10% of patients were still experiencing symptoms 1 month after

Long Term Impacts

  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Shortness of breath, cough

Underlying Causes

  • A lot of research trying to uncover
  • Doesn’t believe this is an ongoing acute infection
  • Current hypotheses include
    • alterations in blood flow
    • autoimmune state
    • increased inflammation for the longer term

Hospitalized patients don’t make up the majority of Post-COVID syndrome patients

  • anybody can come down with after their infection


  • starting with identifying who patients are and their characteristics
  • more research efforts are developing

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