A Nuanced Conversation About COVID Vaccines (Yes, Really!) | The Problem with Jon Stewart Podcast


The Problem With Jon Stewart

We’re back and we’re coming in hot with a conversation about COVID vaccines! We’re joined by Dr. Gregory A. Poland (Director of Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group), Dr. Saad Omer (Director of the Yale Institute for Global Health), and Zeynep Tufekci (Professor at Columbia University) who bring something that’s often lacking from these conversations: nuance.

We talk through why many non-crazy people are hesitant to get vaccinated, how our public health institutions have failed to communicate effectively with the masses, and why it should be perfectly okay to ask questions about the risks and benefits of any vaccine. Plus, writers Tocarra Mallard and Kasaun Wilson are here talking about sneezing at the sight of the sun.

The full episode is available on Apple Podcasts: theproblem.link/ApplePodcast

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