6 COVID-19 Vaccine Myths Explained


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Cleveland Clinic experts infectious disease specialist Kristin Englund, MD; obstetrician and gynecologist who specializes in infectious diseases Oluwatosin Goje, MD and family medicine physician Kendalle Cobb, MD debunk common COVID-19 vaccine myths, such as the vaccine causes long-term effects and harms fertility.


0:00 Does the COVID-19 Vaccine Cause Long-Term Effects?

0:45 Will the COVID-19 Vaccine Harm My Fertility?

1:27 Will the COVID-19 Vaccine Change Your DNA?

1:58 If I Am Young and Healthy, Do I Still Need the COVID-19 Vaccine?

2:38 Is the COVID-19 Vaccine Safe Because it Was Rushed?

3:07 Do Breakthrough Infections Mean the COVID-19 Vaccine Doesn’t Work?

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